Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lamb burger restaurant outlet

The best lamb burgers I have ate came from Basque restaurant outlets in California.
One that I used to frequent the most was the Woolgrowers Restaurant in downtown Bakersfield,Calif.
This outlet has the best hosts of all and you can eat family style at a table which seats 20 people or you can choose a booth.
They also have a bar and you can drink a mix or beer while you eat.
They also have a banquet room where people can have a buisness meeting or birthday party.
The meals consist of soups,basque bread,french fries,pickled tomatoes,pickled tongue,salads and your choice of Beef,Lamb or pork as a main course.
This made me hungry for a Lamb Chop smothered in Gravy and served with Gramma's Buttermilk Bisquits.
Try the outlet at Woolgrowers Restaurant in Bakersfield,Calif.the next time you visit.

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